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CEO greeting
The top of the morning!
I'm Jang Eun Jung, CEO of JangEun FnC.
1. A company that can work joyfully

We spend the most of our 24 hours a day with colleagues and suppliers. As the population ages and ages, we have to work longer hours than before. Jang Eun FnC, Inc., wants to be a company where employees can communicate, collaborate and enjoy working together. Even if I work for 10, 20, or 30 years, I am growing up freely sharing my opinions and thoughts so that I can have fun working.

2. Companies that grow together through creative value creation

Jang Eun Fnc is creating a corporate culture by creating creative values for sustainable management. Based on trust and quality, we are adding value to our products, practicing ethics, and becoming a growing company together.

3. Company Preparing for the Future

Jang Eun FnC is preparing for the future through the convergence of all employees with flexible thinking and open mind. Every season, we present our own development products and collaborate with various fields to develop innovative products. We will continue to innovate based on trust and quality. Please watch the growing JangEun FnC together.

Thank you very much.

Jang Eun Jung, CEO of Jang Eun FnC Co., Ltd.